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BigFoot- The Unforgettable Encounter



In 1994 I wrote and directed my very first feature film entitled, “BIGFOOT” – The Unforgettable Encounter

The film was purchased by Republic Pictures and released domestically on VHS. 

The success of this film prompted the pre-sale of a sequel entitled, “LITTLE BIGFOOT” and an animated television series entitled, “MIGHTY BIGFOOT” based on the original characters I had created.


Two Bits & Pepper



In 1995 I wrote and directed my second feature film entitled, “TWO-BITS & PEPPER”.

The film starred comedian Joe Piscopo and Dennis Weaver, and was released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment on both VHS and DVD.

Forced to Kill



In 1994 I wrote, co-produced and starred in an action packed feature film entitled, “FORCED TO KILL”. 

This film, which also starred Michael Ironside, was one of the most profitable films released by PM Entertainment.




In 1989 I wrote my very first screenplay entitled, “PAYBACK”.

I played the leading role in this film alongside Michael Ironside and Don Swayze. 

Republic Pictures Home Video released the film domestically on VHS.